Attention Homeowners! Now You Can Completely Repair Your House Sewer Without Digging With The Revolutionary FORMADRAIN No-Dig System!

Now your house sewer can be repaired or completely replaced without digging. Unlike conventional methods which are expensive and time consuming, our exclusive FORMADRAIN system can repair or even replace your existing sewer pipe without all the trouble and expense of digging up your front lawn. The system has number of very important benefits for you…

BENEFIT #1: Save money, get a better job!

Imagine calling a plumbing company and asking them to repair (or replace) your sewer pipe. If they don’t use the FORMADRAIN system they would have to dig in order to fix your sewer. This means that a crew of people would have to specially set up the site at your home and bring construction equipment – some of it owned by the plumbing company and some rented specifically for your job.

I’m sure you’ve seen a construction site, so you have an idea of what’s involved – all the equipment, the noise, the mess. Here’s what would typically happen next:

  1. First your front lawn would get dug up (often this includes bushes, flowers, etc.) and the sidewalk would be broken.
  2. Next, your sewer pipe would be removed and replaced with a new one (or repaired if this is what it needs).
  3. Finally, everything dug up and removed would have to get replaced, including the sidewalk (pouring cement, waiting for it to dry, etc.), your front lawn, flowers, bushes, and everything else.

Now, while all this is going who do you think is paying for the equipment and all that expensive labor? You guessed it – you are! The FORMADRAIN system eliminates all that because there is no digging at all.

BENEFIT #2: Save time and stay in your home!

No digging means that instead of taking days, a job takes hours. In fact, unlike other methods with FORMADRAIN you can have a brand new sewer the same day!

This means that you don’t have to wait long before you can use your sewer and that you don’t have to stay in a hotel or at your neighbor’s house overnight – waiting for the job to be completed. With our system we start in the morning and the entire job is complete that afternoon and your new sewer is ready to go.

Also, with FORMADRAIN minimum setup space is required, which means far less disruption for you.

BENEFIT #3: Safer for you and the environment!

It is probably obvious by now that our system helps protect the environment. After all, there is no destruction of landscaping, digging up lawns, removing shrubbery, breaking sidewalks – that sort of thing.

Perhaps more importantly, however, it also means reduced liability for you and your family, as there is far less risk of cutting electrical power lines, telephone lines and other underground installations (e.g. irrigation systems).

In other words FORMADRAIN is safe for public and other utilities (which means that there is far less chance that you will have to take anybody to court – and that’s always good news).

BENEFIT #4: No toxic odors in your home:

A major advantage of our system is that there are no odors to deal with (chemicals used in pipe repair usually smell very bad and are frequently toxic).The FORMADRAIN system is 100% odorless and emits no toxic chemicals of any kind.

BENEFIT #5: Completely renews damaged pipes!

Instead of repairing a damaged pipe, the FORMADRAIN system actually renews it with a completely brand new pipe – right inside the old one! Our space-age technology allows us to do this without significantly reducing the size of your sewer. The system can be used to repair:

  • Split, cracked or broken joints
  • Poorly installed or leaky joints
  • Water infiltration
  • Or any leakage problems (resulting from aging, corrosion, etc.).

It also stops intrusion from roots – permanently. Root intrusion is the most common problem with sewers.

BENEFIT #6: Your new sewer will last for 50 years or more!

Our special materials allow for a relatively thin and yet incredibly strong pipe. Why? Because FORMADRAIN technology uses a specially-designed formulation that is really tough – it can’t be broken with a sledgehammer (by actual test).

As one FORMADRAIN licensed contractor put it, “The strength of the cured liner [new sewer pipe] was better than we had ever imagined” (John E. Reid, Illinois).

BENEFIT #7: Your sewer can be replaced any time of year!

There are often restrictions with digging, especially in cold climates where the ground is hard and difficult to dig. This problem does not exist with our special No-Dig System.

Thousands of sewers have been repaired or completely replaced with FORMADRAIN technology in Canada and the United States.


Once your FORMADRAIN sewer is completed, you will receive a color video tape of the job so that you can see for yourself what your new sewer pipe looks like.

To find out more about our No-Dig System or to locate a licensed FORMADRAIN installer near you, contact us at (888) 337-6764.

It’s a positive decision you’ll be glad you made.  Call today!